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Considering a trainer but not sure if you need one?  9 reasons to hire a personal trainer

Natalia Schifini - Reston, Va

Services: personal training, In home training, yoga, dance

I am a bi-lingual (English-Spanish) Certified Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor and Dance instructor with more than 10 (ten) years of experience in Fitness. I can work with any adult female (more than 18 years old) in any physical condition and help her achieve her goal of weight-loss, toning or simply improving overall well-being with Personal Training, Yoga or Dance lessons. I am offering a special for the month of October for a package of ten-session at $60 a session (normally $75). I can come to your place to train you and bring the equipment we will need to do so.Be ready to take on your personal transformation! Natalia Schifini,



Natalia Schifini
Alex Corwin - Alexandria, Va

Services: personal training, In home training, sport specific

 I am a nationally competitive weightlifter and experienced personal trainer. Throughout high school, college, and my adult life I have been giving advice and helping friends and peers train specifically for sports, general health and strength, and injury related issues. I have a vast array of knowledge and experience which allows me to train adolescents, teenagers, young adults, adults, and even seniors in relatively good health.

 My rates are affordable and very reasonable. I will work with you to on a rate that fits your budget but also satisfies mine. Thank you for looking!