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Considering a trainer but not sure if you need one? 9 reasons to hire a personal trainer

Benjamin Smart - Portland, ME

Services: personal training, sport specific

 My name is Ben Smart. I live in Gorham Maine and I'm a graduate of Saint Joseph's College of Maine. I was drawn to the exercise science program because of my passion for sport and exercise and general health and wellness. I work now as a personal trainer out of a private gym In Portland Maine. I'm a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and my philosophy is that anyone regardless of age, gender, or sport can benefit from a well designed strength and conditioning program. Resistance training is the best way to get stronger, boost metabolism, lose fat, increase flexibility, and improve bone density. My first goal when working with a client is to assess any imbalances or dysfunction in movement. From there I can can design a program based on the needs of that client. I am a firm believer in developing a base of strength and developing the core of the body. Poor core strength is what leads to back problems specifically low back pain and hunching. In the past I've worked with athletes at the Parisi Speed School in Saco Maine as an intern. I've also worked with staff and students during my college internship creating resistance training programs and also weight loss programs. In my personal experience I've done just about everything; from crossfit to body building, powerlifting, boot camp, high intensity interval training, and also training for specific sports. I believe that varying the training method is what makes the training exciting and also helps break through plateaus.