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Considering a trainer but not sure if you need one? 9 reasons to hire a personal trainer

Jared O'Dell - Sheridan, IN

Services: personal training, sport specific, karate ( any form of combat training)

We seek to revolutionize the way people think about working out. To turn a chore that is mundane and solely results driven into something fun. Creating a lifestyle change that will lead to positive driving forces, instead of being steered by fear of fat or obligation, all while ending with superior results. Inspiring people to want to change themselves.

 We offer small group classes led by trainers who will motivate you along with the other athletes to perform at your best. Each class is designed to challenge you physically and mentally. We strive to bring elite fitness to all individuals, regardless of their current fitness level. Beware, we are not a globo-gym! We have no excuses!!! Just an intense workout designed daily to suit each individual's needs. It's not easy. You will leave each session feeling exhilarated and exhausted at the same time.



Mandi Hill - Indianapolis, IN

Services: personal training, In home training

I am a certified personal trainer as well as a bikini fitness competitor who runs my own PT business, training both in my home and in others homes. If you are looking to take your health and fitness to the next level, please feel free to contact me with your information and what you're looking for so I can help you reach your goals!



Kelsey Atkins - Indianapolis, IN

Services: personal training, sport specific

As a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists (CSCS). I have the skills to help you reach your goals whether it be for general fitness, weight loss, sports conditioning, tactical skills conditioning, or rehabilitation. I train out of a fitness center in the Keystone at the Crossing area but can travel to your home if you prefer. Please visit my website for more details!