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This challenge is for you, do you dare to look leaner, lose weight, feel better about yourself and create a better you? It's time to do it and you damn well deserve it!  The way to complete the challenge?  You guessed it! By making a few changes in your regular habits. Here it is….

THE CHALLENGE IS BROKEN DOWN INTO THREE STEPS: the Length of your challenge is 60 days from start to finish.  Day one starts once you've made the commitment BUT it also ends whenever you have two incomplete weeks, meaning you have not followed all the appropriate changes you've committed to. We don’t want to fool ourselves by committing half way but expecting ALL THE WAY RESULTS! All the way results are reserved for those that follow through. You must remember by following through you will reap all the rewards and feel much better about yourself!

Step 1: BEFORE and AFTER each meal of the day YOU MUST DRINK A FULL GLASS OF  WATER . ( you can substitute 1 full glass by drinking a bottled water ). Ideally 7-8 cups of water per day would be your goal considering that you should eat 3-4 meals per day.

Step 2: Again, the length of your challenge is 60 days long so we're challenging you to pick one or two specific types of exercise that you’ll stick with during the length of the challenge. If you've not made a mental note now to shift gears from non active to enjoying an active lifestyle, do so now. Once you establish that we will have you implement these activities into your week / three days per week for the first month followed by four days during the second month. You can choose your type of training but are required to spend no less than an hour on each of your chosen days of exercise: Some examples of exercise are:

Outdoor activities- rock climbing, jogging or running, tennis, boot camp, flag football  basketball or bike riding.

Indoor activities- include going to the gym, working with a trainer, aerobics class,  spin class, zumba, weight lifting or strength training.

Step 3: As you progress with this challenge you will notice your hunger patterns begin to change so as you're following steps 1 and 2 begin applying this last step into the equation. Just below we've given a list of foods and noted the healthier alternatives for you to choose from. These are important changes to your eating habits so you must follow them. This is going to speed up the objective of loosing weight during this 60 day challenge. The foods listed are fairly common. If you have a habit of eating these foods then we will suggest a few small changes in efforts of your completion. If you're a vegetarian, be sure to incorporate high protein meals in to your diet.

          - Instead of pork bacon try turkey bacon or a brand low in sodium

           -Instead of beef burgers try turkey or veggie burgers

           -Instead of salt go with herbs

           -Instead of white bread go with whole wheat

           -Try 2% milk instead of whole milk

           -Be mindful of your high fructose sugar corn syrup intake

So here is the CHALLENGE to you! It’s simple but effective. By following step three you should not see a drastic change in your eating habits but enough to make a difference in your life! By taking the challenge it shows you are determined and eager to succeed. Our 1truefitness team is very excited about all of our participants . Are you ready to take this challenge with us? Make your commitment, FILL in the form and start participating today! We welcome you!

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