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Quotes My experience is pretty good so far. I've never had a trainer before so this is all new. I'll keep you posted.. Quotes
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Quotes been overweight forever although I played sports. I started with one of their trainers. Surprisingly, It's been 4 months and I lost 26lbs. I would trust this site again to connect me with a trainer... Quotes
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" someone with a goal "

Quotes Wonderful....great site !! I must say that I've had complications that limit me from strenuous exercise. I did have a good experience with two trainers I worked with for a short time. They were understanding of my health conditions.... to the tee. Quotes
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Quotes Looking for a personal trainer can become so frustrating at times but I must say that with this site I have been able to narrow down my search to find a great personal trainer in my area. Thanks 1Truefitness Tara. Quotes
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